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Published: 06th August 2012
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HR Management System :
Human Resource Management System is a software that automates the human resource system of an organization. Human Resource is the most essential and most important resource in case of any organization. Managing human resource can be a difficult task especially when in case of very large organizations, PSU and Multinational Companies. Human Resource Management System has become an essential need for small and large organizations alike. Human Resource Management has many risks associated with it and automation of this process generally the reduce the associated risks and also proved to be cost effective as compared to traditional methods of human resource management. What is needed is an effective software solution that would fulfill the HR needs of your organization and provide you with a system effective enough to handle all employees and other employee related factors. The main modules of Human Resource Management System are payroll system and appraisal system. One of the effective methods of Human Resource Management System nowadays is the ERP System.

ERP is one of the best ways of managing human resources or any kind of resources. If you are specifically looking for a software to manage resources as in human resources then you should definitely go for ERP System. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. As the name suggests it deals with management of resources of an organization and as employees are the most important resources of an organization therefore use of ERP in such a case will be highly effective.

Another important aspect about Human Resource Management System is use of a CRM System. Human Resources in some cases also include the clients, customers and vendors of the organization. In that case an automated CRM system can also be a module for Human Resource Management System. CRM as we all know stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM plays an important part of any business and organization as it deals with customers, their problems, their issues, their views and their feedbacks. Customers are the integral part of any business without customers and their need for products and services any business will be worthless and totally useless. With automated CRM you can utilize your customer resources and information in such a way that take your business to new heights. Automation of CRM is also termed as “Business Intelligence”. Business intelligence refers to processing of internal information of the organization and the business in such a way that it retrieves intelligent business information which makes perfect sense to the purpose of the business.

The main job of the HR department is carrying out of Administrative activities. What Human Resource Management System does is that it reduces the work load of HR managers. When they have a software that integrates are the information about each and every kind if human resource utilized in the organization, it become very easy for them to manage the full length human resource of the organization.

Payroll Management Software
Payroll Software is the most efficient and effective means of managing the financial accounts of an organization. The Payroll Software is basically a tool which handles, salary, bonuses, rewards, expenses, withholdings, deductions and wages of all the employees in an organization. It keeps records of weekly, monthly and annual wages and taxes of all employees. This is a fair system of distributing salary to all employees. No one can say that unfair or unjust deductions or bonuses have been granted out of spite of favor as in this case software that is the Payroll Software is taking all these payroll decisions. A Payroll Software can be customized or made to use your existing applications and systems to take its decision and manage your financial accounting. The major plus points of using an effective payroll system include convenience, easy usability, flexibility, reliability and savings. By savings we mean that it saves a lot of money of the organization by automating the payroll system. Its ease of use is another factor which makes highly important for all the organizations. The funny thing about a Payroll Software is that it is being used by all kind of companies, from Multi National Companies to small businesses to Non Profit Organizations to BPOs; everyone is using a Payroll Software to manage the salary of all their employees.

The major working criterion for Payroll Software is that you have to enter all the initial information and details and the software will produce the slip by automatically calculating the values. They are quick and accurate and the best part of them is that they are highly user friendly and do not require any extra effort or skill to use them. Manual processes took so long and were so lengthy and in most of the cases led to numerous errors which also caused discontent among the employees. Payroll Software ensures that situations like that never occur. From environment point of view, Payroll Software are good because they reduce a lot of paper and some small business houses only adopted the Payroll Software to save paper.

Moreover, the capability of Payroll Software is much more than the traditional manual payroll system. With automated payroll systems you can effectively store all kind of information related to an employee, helps on tracking of all kind information for salary, it enables electronic transfer of funds, online banking and accounting can be easily enabled with the help of a Payroll Software. The basic most advantage of using a Payroll Software is that reduces cost and saves a lot of money on part of the organization. It also handles complex issues better like the concept of overtime pay and part time pay can be easily customized according to the rules and regulations of the organization. The major components or modules that can be included in a Payroll Software are human resources systems, general ledger, bill of material, billing timing, etc. Therefore, Payroll Software is the most efficient and effective means of managing the financial accounts of an organization.

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